Thursday, February 5, 2009

the economy sucks!!!!!!

i have been trying to find a job since christmas, and nothing yet!!!! why!!!!????? everytime i go for a job, i'm told that at least 25 other people applied too, and they all say that i'm well qualified for the job, but i never get a call back. why!?!?!?!!!!!! i'm a good person dammit!!!

on a lighter note, i have been working on a hexagon afghan with all the tons of yarn i have in my stash. i got the pattern from attic 24's blog page
her blog is so colorful and well written. i just want to go over her house, have hot cocoa, and crochet all day!!!
here is the page that has the instructions for her hexagons

Friday, January 30, 2009

i'm back muhaaaaaaaa!!!!

hey everyone!!! sorry i have been busy!! i have been on a crochet kick lately and i have been in and out of doctor offices (fun times :( ) and on top of all that my pc got some trojan viruses which stopped me from going online. my hard drive died on me and i lost all of my pictures and other stuff. after crying on the inside, my wonderful hubby went to best buy and fixed my baby up like new. he put in windows vista and that enables you to have all kinds of sidebar gadgets including a blogger one, and most of them are free!!! if it's free, it's for me!! (quote by my grandma)