Sunday, May 25, 2008

ok people i'm back

i've been pretty busy lately. i got a job at netflix, i opened an etsy store . and i finally caught up on my tivo!!!! me and the hubby have also been working on fixing up the house to get ready to sell. we are looking for a new start, so if anyone wants to live on Long Island, NY let me know. i also updated my myspace page, but i haven't put any of my work there because the only people who want to friend me are sex crazed fools. i'm not saying i'm drop dead gorgeous or something, but if you are looking for a good time, there is a section in craigslist for that.

my sis finally moved out on her own, so my mom calls me all the time because she has no one to talk to at home.

this summer i hope to get to adventureland with my son, and make a 2.5 million etsy sales!! anyway onto the crafty stuff i've been doing

i was commissioned to make 2 6 month sweaters for twins to be born in June, a boy and a girl

this is the girl's sweater. i didn't get to the boy's sweater at the time i took the pictures. that's supposed to be a goat, but he's blind and deaf in this picture. i used the loop stitch for the hair. i did that so the goat would have "hair" and it's saved me time during the finishing because you're doing the loop stitch while you knitting. so i had to knit a raglan pullover in fair isle (for the words on the bottom), intarsia and loop stitch for the goat! i almost lost me mind! not to mention i had to chart the whole thing before i started
oh and just so you guys know, the cost of a flat rate post office box went up (yea, sucks i know)
and the ball in the background of the second picture is for sale at my etsy shop (sorry, shameless promo)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

sorry guys

hey people, sorry for the delay. i will not start with the excuses, but i was just busy. i will write more lter, i'm just really tired. i'm trying to get my other website up to start selling my stuff, but blogger thinks it's a spam site. well, off to bed
bye :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

i came home to a great suprise!!!

I have the best husband ever!!! look what was at home waiting for me? i've wanted a dressform for the longest time, and when i came home and i opened the door and there it was. it took me about 5 minutes to set it up. so i got a new toy and so did the little one. and on top of all that, my wonderful husband also picked up my machines for me!!! so now i can get working. next week, i'm supposed to be off of work, so i will be able to get a lot of knitting and sewing work done.
my hubby is so cute, he called after i got home after work and he says "did i do good?" of course he did. he did great!!

you know you have a soulmate when you have been with someone for a number of years, and he still has the ability to suprise you (in a good way)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

cute pictures of the day

yes folks, i realize the date, but can you say no to a little boy who wants to dress up as superman? and yes, i do clean his room and make his bed everyday. he's 5 and he has 2.5 million toys that always end up either in his bed or all over the floor. they do stay in his room, so i really can't be too mad about it.

for all the people who don't have little boys, that is a spongebob chair, the new hess monster truck, a hess spaceship, 2 library books, a wagon, and his floor are those foam puzzle pieces that i picked up at BJs. the are pirmary colors and on the other side that are grey. this floor is super easy to clean and take care of. i use clorox anywhere spray to spot clean, and regular floor cleaner when i mop the floor. in my opinion, better than carpet in a kid's room

ok nothing that great really happened, and that's why i haven't written anything in a little while

so since my machines are still in the shop. they are ready, but i can't get them out yet, i figured, hey i'll do some knitting. i'm working on my top down brown raglan, and what of all things happen? the damn join broke on my denise interchangeable needle. after giving it the look of death and not cursing because i'll get a "stop yelling, mommy!" or a "don't say that!" so i just connecteed another join, picked up all the dropped stitches (all 22 of them), put the broken join in an envelope, with a dollar and mailed it off to the company. they have this lifetime warrenty that if the joins break, you can send them back, and they will send you back a brand spanking new one with a little apology note (can you tell this has happened before). i'm kinda scared to do anything else because it might break too. o well, i really should catch up on the tivo.
hopefully you guys are craftier than i am right now

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

i'm sad today

i dropped off my sewing machines at the repair shop, and i won't see htem for a week to 10 days. there are all these things that i want to make, but at least i will have 2 like new machines. anyhoo, i am also working on my HP pullover in the Gryffendor colors. it was in my car for the longest time because i would take that one when i went to the dr and to other places.

so far so good. i'm using red heart kids for the yellow and walmart brand yarn for the burgundy. hopefully with the machines in the shop i can make some leeway on both of my WIPs

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cute Picture of the Day

This is one of my kitty cats. All he does is sleep and the night I took this picture, he fell asleep on the phone. Me and the hubby joked about how he's on hold with the cable company and I figured, hey I'll take a picture. 2 minutes after I took this picture, my youngest son woke up the cat and he went running into the kitchen to eat (his other past time)

Today's update

Today i went to this great fabric store
If you happen to live on Long Island, go check it out. The place is small, but they pack it with fabric. It all really nice fabric too. The people are really nice and they have a great selection and a ton of notions.

This is the current knitting project I'm working on, another top down raglan. So far so good. This is the yarn i'm using. I love Red Heart yarn. it's cheap, on sale more than any other yarn, comes in tons of colors, and best of all, machine washable. Look, I have kids, I don't have the time to hand wash some sweater and block it while it's drying.

Last night I went to Target and got this cute bunny pen in the $1 bin and i also got this kickass hat. i love this hat, and i don't even wear hats.

I just noticed, my damn fingers are in almost every shot. I really need a manicure.

Happy Crafting people :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

I did a knitting recon!

I got this great sweater from my sis in law for christmas, the only thing was that the sleeves were too short. Store bought clothes are the things that push me to keep making my own clothes. I'm somewhat freakishly tall and thin, that i can't just go out and buy clothes. I have to try everything on to make sure i'm not preparing for a flood that's not coming. That's why i make all my own clothes. it's easier for me to make my own clothes than embarass myself in the store. anyhoo, I just took out my trusty DPNs and used some white yarn and continued on 2x2 rib until they were long enough. I have another sweater I want to do this too.
Happy Monday :p

Lookie at what I got today!!

Look at what i got in the mail today!! it's a buttonholer for my Singer. it's a add on to your machine so you can make perfect professional buttonholes and eyelets.

This is the buttonholer on my machine. Looks crazy doesn't it? sometimes you have to look ugly before you can look beautiful, right?

and this is my beautiful buttonhole!!! All i had to do was set up the buttonholer, put in my fabric and pressing the foot petal. It's like magic but soooo much better!! there is also a monogrammer i want to get too. it looks a lot like the buttonholer, but it monograms. There are all kinds of feet that i want to get too. i want to start making clothes to someday sell on eBay. i have been knitting too, i need to take some pics of that and post them too. Happy crafting everyone!!! :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

i've been doing a lot of thinking lately

and no, i don't have a headache now. I've been on a sewing kick. i want to learn to sew my own clothes and my youngest son's clothes too. there are so many things i want to make, but there are so many things i have to buy. i was looking on eBay yesterday and i saw all these feet for my machine that i really should have. i think i am off to a good start though. i have a a good serger, and a great sewing machine. so far i have made all of my son's sleeping pants, my sleeping pants, a bunch of long sleeve shirts, a but load of sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens, and a jacket. i want to incorporate more sewing into my knitting. i was dreaming of making a pair of pants (yup, that's right, not of a lot of money, or Godzilla taking over the world) i wanted to knit yardage on my knitting machine, and attaching knit interfacing to the knit fabric and making a pair of pants using my sewing machine and serger with front, back and side pockets with magnetic closers

Sunday, January 13, 2008

1st FO of the year

i love how this came out. this is after i wore it all day at work, and it still looked great. i used Loin Brand Homespun in Barrington. i used this pattern,
i just knitted it down to the length i wanted it to be. i also knitted long sleeves too. i did some increasing at the waist and increased at the hips. i'm really loving how this came out. and, yes that's my little munchkin. he has to be in everything

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!


i hope everyone didn't drink too much new year's eve. me, i slept right through it. i live on long island, and i have seen the ball drop in manhattan before, and no, i have never stood outside in the cold like a crazy person.
my little munchkin is finally being potty trained, it's been 2 weeks since we started and he has had 4 accidents and he only uses diapers when he goes to sleep. i also need to start taking more pictures. if i had more pictures, then i can really work on my blog more often
so you guys will be difinately be seeing more of me and my smart ass attitude