Wednesday, May 16, 2007

look!!!! i can sew!

hi everyone, i had to make some sleeping pants for my little one, because pants are "out of season" in stores and he really needed some pants. these turned out really well, if i do say so myself. they came out a bit too long, but hey, he'll grow into them.

and this is my little man wearing his new pants. if anyone was wondering, his shirt says, HELP! Mommy's having a bad day call 1-800-GRANDMA

Thursday, May 10, 2007

just an update.....

hi everyone,
just to let you all know that i finally finished the flowers and i sent them out, but i was in such a rush to get them out, that i forget to take pics od the finished ones. just imagine the flower from before with leaves on them. i also started knitting some toy balls. all this knitting is really messing up my right hand (since i'm right handed), but i need to keep moving. i'm going to the Dr. tomorrow for a yearly checkup, so i'm going to ask him about it. if anyone is interested in the pattern for the flowers, just let me know. if i get enough responses, i'll post it on here.

on another note, has anyone been watching celebrity fit club? who knew screetch was so mean? if he got the pulp beat out of him, i would not be suprised.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

hi all,
welcome to my newly renovated blog. i hope you all like it, because it took me about an hour to do it. i've also been a knitting fool too. here is one of my pacifier tethers. the bigger flower is where the pacifier goes. there is a clip on the other end of the smaller flower. i made a flower there because i figure would you rather see a pretty little flower or a metal clip on your cut little daughter's shirt or dress.

i made 22 of these. i just have to make leaves for them and block them. so if i do the math: that's 3 leaves on each flower, 22 flowers = 1 million leaves. i have about 6 flowers that i need to knit leaves for, then i'm all done. thank goodness!!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

thank you

i just wanted to say thank you to the blogger who left a comment for me. i really appreciate it when a person takes the time out from their busy schedule to try to make someone they don't even know feel better. i don't want to put your name on the net for all the world to see, but i just wanted to say thank you.

so, thank you :)

and remember, every good deed that you do, good things will always comes back to you.

hey, i'm back, and i've been busy

hello all,
sorry it's been a while since i posted last, but i've had a lot on my plate, but pretty much everything is ok now. i was also really busy with the sweaters for my cosignment job. here they are for your viewing pleasure.

they go in size order from biggest to smallest. i sent them off right before tax day. you would not believe the line i had to wait on. i was in there for an hour. but, it was my fault, i wanted to get them out of the house and on the way to washington.

this is what i'm working on next: pacifier tethers that are flowers. they are so cute. i wish i had a little girl to make them for. i made one for my neice and her mother loved it.
these are the first 2 that i made, and yes that is my hand, and that is a cardigan that i'm wearing. i really love red now and pink. i'm such a girly-girl. i will post some pics of the finished ones very soon.