Friday, February 15, 2008

i came home to a great suprise!!!

I have the best husband ever!!! look what was at home waiting for me? i've wanted a dressform for the longest time, and when i came home and i opened the door and there it was. it took me about 5 minutes to set it up. so i got a new toy and so did the little one. and on top of all that, my wonderful husband also picked up my machines for me!!! so now i can get working. next week, i'm supposed to be off of work, so i will be able to get a lot of knitting and sewing work done.
my hubby is so cute, he called after i got home after work and he says "did i do good?" of course he did. he did great!!

you know you have a soulmate when you have been with someone for a number of years, and he still has the ability to suprise you (in a good way)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

cute pictures of the day

yes folks, i realize the date, but can you say no to a little boy who wants to dress up as superman? and yes, i do clean his room and make his bed everyday. he's 5 and he has 2.5 million toys that always end up either in his bed or all over the floor. they do stay in his room, so i really can't be too mad about it.

for all the people who don't have little boys, that is a spongebob chair, the new hess monster truck, a hess spaceship, 2 library books, a wagon, and his floor are those foam puzzle pieces that i picked up at BJs. the are pirmary colors and on the other side that are grey. this floor is super easy to clean and take care of. i use clorox anywhere spray to spot clean, and regular floor cleaner when i mop the floor. in my opinion, better than carpet in a kid's room

ok nothing that great really happened, and that's why i haven't written anything in a little while

so since my machines are still in the shop. they are ready, but i can't get them out yet, i figured, hey i'll do some knitting. i'm working on my top down brown raglan, and what of all things happen? the damn join broke on my denise interchangeable needle. after giving it the look of death and not cursing because i'll get a "stop yelling, mommy!" or a "don't say that!" so i just connecteed another join, picked up all the dropped stitches (all 22 of them), put the broken join in an envelope, with a dollar and mailed it off to the company. they have this lifetime warrenty that if the joins break, you can send them back, and they will send you back a brand spanking new one with a little apology note (can you tell this has happened before). i'm kinda scared to do anything else because it might break too. o well, i really should catch up on the tivo.
hopefully you guys are craftier than i am right now

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

i'm sad today

i dropped off my sewing machines at the repair shop, and i won't see htem for a week to 10 days. there are all these things that i want to make, but at least i will have 2 like new machines. anyhoo, i am also working on my HP pullover in the Gryffendor colors. it was in my car for the longest time because i would take that one when i went to the dr and to other places.

so far so good. i'm using red heart kids for the yellow and walmart brand yarn for the burgundy. hopefully with the machines in the shop i can make some leeway on both of my WIPs