Wednesday, February 13, 2008

cute pictures of the day

yes folks, i realize the date, but can you say no to a little boy who wants to dress up as superman? and yes, i do clean his room and make his bed everyday. he's 5 and he has 2.5 million toys that always end up either in his bed or all over the floor. they do stay in his room, so i really can't be too mad about it.

for all the people who don't have little boys, that is a spongebob chair, the new hess monster truck, a hess spaceship, 2 library books, a wagon, and his floor are those foam puzzle pieces that i picked up at BJs. the are pirmary colors and on the other side that are grey. this floor is super easy to clean and take care of. i use clorox anywhere spray to spot clean, and regular floor cleaner when i mop the floor. in my opinion, better than carpet in a kid's room

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