Sunday, May 25, 2008

ok people i'm back

i've been pretty busy lately. i got a job at netflix, i opened an etsy store . and i finally caught up on my tivo!!!! me and the hubby have also been working on fixing up the house to get ready to sell. we are looking for a new start, so if anyone wants to live on Long Island, NY let me know. i also updated my myspace page, but i haven't put any of my work there because the only people who want to friend me are sex crazed fools. i'm not saying i'm drop dead gorgeous or something, but if you are looking for a good time, there is a section in craigslist for that.

my sis finally moved out on her own, so my mom calls me all the time because she has no one to talk to at home.

this summer i hope to get to adventureland with my son, and make a 2.5 million etsy sales!! anyway onto the crafty stuff i've been doing

i was commissioned to make 2 6 month sweaters for twins to be born in June, a boy and a girl

this is the girl's sweater. i didn't get to the boy's sweater at the time i took the pictures. that's supposed to be a goat, but he's blind and deaf in this picture. i used the loop stitch for the hair. i did that so the goat would have "hair" and it's saved me time during the finishing because you're doing the loop stitch while you knitting. so i had to knit a raglan pullover in fair isle (for the words on the bottom), intarsia and loop stitch for the goat! i almost lost me mind! not to mention i had to chart the whole thing before i started
oh and just so you guys know, the cost of a flat rate post office box went up (yea, sucks i know)
and the ball in the background of the second picture is for sale at my etsy shop (sorry, shameless promo)

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