Sunday, March 11, 2007

still hard at work

hi all,
nothing new to report. i'm on my 2nd sweater for my new job, i'm still working on my pinup queen. one sleeve down, one more to go. i'll post pictures as soon as i get the chance. i go to a knitting circle about 3 times a week. instead of going there and learning new things, i always end up teaching others new things. i don't consider myself an expert, i have never tried to do fancy cables or lace. i'm sure i can do them if i actually made the effort. the people there are mostly beginners who need help decifering a pattern or a particular stitch. i'm glad to help, and it gets me out of the house and around adults i'm not related to or one of my kids. don't get me wrong, i love my kids, but as a stay at home mom, i need a break every once in a while. once i get some baby sweaters out of the way, i can work on some things for me. just like every knitter, everything i make, always goes to someone else. anywho, i'll post some pics of my work within the next few days.

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