Thursday, May 10, 2007

just an update.....

hi everyone,
just to let you all know that i finally finished the flowers and i sent them out, but i was in such a rush to get them out, that i forget to take pics od the finished ones. just imagine the flower from before with leaves on them. i also started knitting some toy balls. all this knitting is really messing up my right hand (since i'm right handed), but i need to keep moving. i'm going to the Dr. tomorrow for a yearly checkup, so i'm going to ask him about it. if anyone is interested in the pattern for the flowers, just let me know. if i get enough responses, i'll post it on here.

on another note, has anyone been watching celebrity fit club? who knew screetch was so mean? if he got the pulp beat out of him, i would not be suprised.

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