Friday, February 15, 2008

i came home to a great suprise!!!

I have the best husband ever!!! look what was at home waiting for me? i've wanted a dressform for the longest time, and when i came home and i opened the door and there it was. it took me about 5 minutes to set it up. so i got a new toy and so did the little one. and on top of all that, my wonderful husband also picked up my machines for me!!! so now i can get working. next week, i'm supposed to be off of work, so i will be able to get a lot of knitting and sewing work done.
my hubby is so cute, he called after i got home after work and he says "did i do good?" of course he did. he did great!!

you know you have a soulmate when you have been with someone for a number of years, and he still has the ability to suprise you (in a good way)


Puff said...

How cool is that! A dressform and you live with a superhero too?

Holandricon said...

Hi (I just saw your blog link on craftser, though i'd have a nosy) you're so lucky! I was ogling one of those in a shop and my partner just said "What the hell is that for?" Hes not too smart. Your son is adorable as well, I know what superhero costumes are like, my niece used to wear her spiderman outfit all the time before she turned really girly and now she is "Tiara the princess mermaid".