Sunday, January 27, 2008

i've been doing a lot of thinking lately

and no, i don't have a headache now. I've been on a sewing kick. i want to learn to sew my own clothes and my youngest son's clothes too. there are so many things i want to make, but there are so many things i have to buy. i was looking on eBay yesterday and i saw all these feet for my machine that i really should have. i think i am off to a good start though. i have a a good serger, and a great sewing machine. so far i have made all of my son's sleeping pants, my sleeping pants, a bunch of long sleeve shirts, a but load of sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens, and a jacket. i want to incorporate more sewing into my knitting. i was dreaming of making a pair of pants (yup, that's right, not of a lot of money, or Godzilla taking over the world) i wanted to knit yardage on my knitting machine, and attaching knit interfacing to the knit fabric and making a pair of pants using my sewing machine and serger with front, back and side pockets with magnetic closers

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