Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Today's update

Today i went to this great fabric store http://www.lifabricdepot.com/index.html
If you happen to live on Long Island, go check it out. The place is small, but they pack it with fabric. It all really nice fabric too. The people are really nice and they have a great selection and a ton of notions.

This is the current knitting project I'm working on, another top down raglan. So far so good. This is the yarn i'm using. I love Red Heart yarn. it's cheap, on sale more than any other yarn, comes in tons of colors, and best of all, machine washable. Look, I have kids, I don't have the time to hand wash some sweater and block it while it's drying.

Last night I went to Target and got this cute bunny pen in the $1 bin and i also got this kickass hat. i love this hat, and i don't even wear hats.

I just noticed, my damn fingers are in almost every shot. I really need a manicure.

Happy Crafting people :)

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Puff said...

Oh, I will have to check out that fabric shop next time I go to Northern Thrift! Another great acrylic yarn in Caron Simply Soft, it goes on sale at AC Moore or Michaels a lot too, and it's really nice.