Monday, January 28, 2008

Lookie at what I got today!!

Look at what i got in the mail today!! it's a buttonholer for my Singer. it's a add on to your machine so you can make perfect professional buttonholes and eyelets.

This is the buttonholer on my machine. Looks crazy doesn't it? sometimes you have to look ugly before you can look beautiful, right?

and this is my beautiful buttonhole!!! All i had to do was set up the buttonholer, put in my fabric and pressing the foot petal. It's like magic but soooo much better!! there is also a monogrammer i want to get too. it looks a lot like the buttonholer, but it monograms. There are all kinds of feet that i want to get too. i want to start making clothes to someday sell on eBay. i have been knitting too, i need to take some pics of that and post them too. Happy crafting everyone!!! :)

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